Specialised and sworn translations

For more than 20 years, we have been serving clients who are looking for quality, efficiency and reliability in their translations. The excellence of our translators and the professionalism of our translation services are our strengths. Our clients rely on our experience and expertise and entrust us with their documents to translate, proofread, legalize or ship.

The NLT team is made up of native translators who have a track record through years of close collaboration. The services we offer include translations into any language, for any type of project and any subject. The texts can also be adapted for your websites as well as any technical text, as well as manuals, and any support to post on the Web.

Any text in English, French, Hebrew and Spanish will be handled directly by our administrator in person.

The expertise of our staff who work in other languages allows them to convey any content in any language as you would wish.

Clavier mac avec une touche pour traduire

Translation of websites

Our agency meets your requirements in terms of message transmission, quality and cultural environment as you wish to transmit them to your site visitors. Your requests for site translation are probably not limited to a literal translation of content. The site is the mirror of your company and should project your image faithfully and in the societal and cultural environment that you target. This is why you can confidently entrust us with both the translation and the localized copywriting of your website. Our translators will take the necessary time to study your needs and requirements.

Marteau de juge avec des documents traduits

Translation of legal documents

We specialize in translations of legal texts, notarial documents, civil status documents, marriage certificates, birth or death certificates. You can also have notarial documents, court judgments, investigation reports or company accounts and articles of association translated by us. These services are guaranteed and the documents will be recognized by the local authorities. All documents can be sworn in, legalized and also sent to local authorities or abroad. Entrust us with your texts to be translated in peace, we will take charge of giving them to whoever is entitled.

Traduction de document médicaux

Medical translations

We are constantly concerned to guarantee you an optimal medical translation, adapted to your needs, whether you are a company or a private, for your personal needs or for commercial purposes. Health industries require knowledge of appropriate and accurate terms in various medical fields. Medical reports contain technical terms and abbreviations specific to the medical field.

un expatrié attend les traductions de ses documents

Translation services for expatriates

We take over and release you from the bureaucratic and administrative phase of translations of any document or deed within the framework of installation and registration of expatriates, worldwide. We are responsive and can work under tight deadlines. Your deadlines are important and decisive in the success of the expatriate’s file, and we know that.

Deux personnes d'origines différentes faisant des traductions internationnales

Translation for international institutions

Specific language, elaborate phrases and messages to be decoded… These are challenges that we overcome when translating diplomatic texts, when publishing internally or publicly. For many years, we have been part of the NATO translators’ team for publications such as « NATO REVIEW ».

Acteur de théâtre jouant des textes traduits

Translation of scenarios/artistic texts/pitches

Narratives of your documentary texts and their preparation with your investors or producers: we take care of it with the greatest care by putting all our know-how in the shaping of a pitch faithful to the original in the language of arrival.

The scenarios, descriptions, plays, catalogues of works of artists will be rendered in the language of arrival with the utmost care to make the sensitivity defined together according to your instructions and the directions given.

brochure médicale traduite

Translation of manuals/operating instructions/brochures

The translation of manuals and operating instructions will be carried out by mother-tongue translators. We will do our utmost to meet your technical and commercial needs, as well as those of the cultural environment of the target language into which your texts are to be translated. You can trust us with your projects in a wide range of fields. We are committed to providing you with a professional and reliable translation of impeccable quality, as well as a proofreading, editing and layout service. Even urgent and extra-fast deadlines will be met. Our translators are not only competent but also versatile.

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We are a translation agency specialising in the written translation of all types of documents. We are able to provide fast and accurate translations for expatriates worldwide. We are aware of the importance of deadlines for the success of expatriate cases and are prepared to meet these requirements in a professional manner.