About New Lights Translations

Active in the field of translation for more than 20 years, New Lights Translations has experience covering many fields of translation and interpreting, in styles, environments and the most varied requirements.

Michal’s primary mission through New Lights Translations was to be the facilitator of legal, administrative, and sometimes complex legal translation procedures.

The structure of the NLT agency makes it possible to listen and often go beyond the simple translation production service. It is not always easy to perceive the formal rules and requirements of each entity, embassy, university, or notary.

michal darmon traductrice

Michal Darmon, the founder of New Lights Translations, and sworn translator, holds a Master’s in Languages and Linguistics from ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles). She has been practicing translation since 1991 and is approved by the Court of First Instance in Brussels. She is recognized by ALL legal and public bodies in Belgium and the countries that have signed the Hague Convention (1961).

Michal is a member of the CBTI/ Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters.

Her main working languages (target languages AND original languages) are Hebrew, French, English, and Spanish. New Lights Translations collaborates with a team of professional translators in all other language combinations, practicing translation to their native language.

The main advantages of New Lights Translations:

NLT’s clients are law firms that represent private clients or companies with an international focus. Also, in commercial matters, customers who wish to answer calls for tender and who submit their dossier abroad find at NLT the answer to all the steps of translation of the documents that make up the dossier ready to submit bids correctly. Private individuals or companies dealing with expatriate procedures use NLT for translations of official documents, CVs, certificates of all kinds, civil documents, etc.

  • A personalized approach by a sworn translator
  • Great adaptability and flexibility
  • Direct contact with the manager, without intermediaries
  • Express translation service in case of emergency
  • Respecting deadlines, confidentiality and your privacy