Proofreading of text by a specialised agency

Whether you are an individual or a company, your projects will be treated with the utmost care by New Lights Translations.

The revision of translation and proofreading of texts are important steps in the process of creating accurate and representative translated files or documents. The language levels, the specific, technical, and appropriate vocabulary as well as the various possible options are all studied by the reviewers of the translations.

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Our translation agency, New Lights Translations, provides a team of professional proofreaders and editors to ensure the quality of your texts. We offer proofreading services for a variety of documents such as contracts, user manuals, reports, dissertations, theses, press articles, and brochures, to name just a few.

Our proofreaders and editors are experts in their subject area and have the necessary skills to identify errors in grammar, syntax, punctuation, and style. They ensure that the translated texts are clear, accurate, and in line with the context and terminology used. We work with various proofreading tools to ensure a high-quality result.

By using our proofreading services, you can be confident that your texts will be perfectly adapted to your target audience and that you will be able to convey your message clearly and efficiently.

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Proofreading of translated texts

Proofreading of original texts and comparative proofreading of translated texts are carried out in order to assess the quality of the texts. You will receive linguistic support from one or more proofreaders. Your texts will also be checked for spelling, syntax, and typography.

Editing translations

Native speaker translators will assist you in this process of conveying ideas, values, principles, or messages, as the transition from one language to another can lead to errors or inconsistencies. In order to ensure that the ideas and messages of the original text are transferred to the translated text, revision is important.

We offer a translation revision service that consists of correcting spelling and grammatical errors as well as text cohesion. The comparison of the source text with the target text by New Lights Translations will enable you to obtain an optimal result and a perfectly understandable and coherent text. At New Lights Translations, our translators are competent and versatile.

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New Lights Translations’ commitment to quality: meticulous correction and proofreading for impeccable texts

New Lights Translations is committed to delivering quality texts that are corrected and proofread by our editing and proofreading services. Errors and incorrect turns of phrases can create misleading texts, and spelling faults can also indicate a lack of professionalism. The style of the writing of the text shows the level of coherence of the translation in relation to the original. The grammar must be impeccable and flawless. The teams are responsible for proofreading the translations checking the syntax and do not hesitate to suggest rewriting one or more paragraphs in the target language. It is obvious that the grammatical structure of each language is specific and may reflect a specific language level, context, or reading target.